cada gesto

Valentina Alvarado Matos

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 11 min World premiere


The hand becomes the protagonist in a piece that traces, from a macro perspective, a city understood as a tactile scenario based on different artisan women. cada gesto is an audiovisual portrait that thinks on the city of Barcelona from the footprint and inner life of the workshops.


Catalan CinemaCityShort FilmFemale DirectorDocumentary


Valentina Alvarado Matos

She is an artist whose practice focuses on collage in all its varieties, from paper to film, and a look that revolves around identity in the diaspora, landscape and gesture. Her pieces have been exhibited in festivals such as Viennale, Rotterdam, Oberhausen or the cinematheques of Catalonia, Madrid or San Francisco. She has been a resident artist at Hangar, Cultura Resident – Museo de Bellas Artes de Castellón or Matadero Madrid and has recently inaugurated an exhibition with Carlos Vásquez Méndez at La Capella in Barcelona.

Filmography: cada gesto (short film, 2024, D'A 2024), ¿Se puede deletrear la hoja? (short film, 2022), Arrojalatierra (short film, 2021), El mar peinó a la orilla

Valentina Alvarado Matos

Film information

Int. title: Every Gesture
Director: Valentina Alvarado Matos
Script: Valentina Alvarado Matos
Contact: CCCB
With: Virginia Expósito, Louise Bonenfant
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: Digital
Length: 11 min
Language: Spanish