Tariq Porter

Spain 11 min. min Catalan premiere


Two presences live in a house in the middle of the mountain without seeing each other. After a long time, it seems time to meet again.

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Short 1


Presented by the director


Catalan CinemaShort Film


Tariq Porter

Graduated in Fine Arts. Master in Cinema. He’s written film reviews for cultural magazines and worked as a programmer for the CCCB (Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona). He’s been in charge of the communication department of the Catalan Film Academy and he’s currently the President of the Catalan Federation of Film Societies.

Filmography: Brot (short, 2021, D'A 2022), Cendra (short, 2018, D'A 2019), Fusta (short, 2016)

Tariq Porter

Film information

Original Title: Ash
Director: Tariq Porter
Script: Tariq Porter
Contact: Paco Poch Cinema
With: Jordi Porter Huerre
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: Digital
Length: 11 min. min
Language: Without dialogues
Edition: 2019