Cleo vendrá esta noche

Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 15 min Catalan Premiere Fiction


Aitana throws parties and parties at her fifteen floor rooftop in the Madrilenian Gran Vía, hoping that the girl with which she shared so many nights in Madrid and that she is still in love with comes over to any party with her. A re-reading of Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby in the 2022 of the Instagram, the Halloween costumes and Madrilenian raves.

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FriendshipLoveSpanish CinemaShort FilmFemale DirectorYouth


Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos

Aitana Ahrens

She studied Animation at the University of the Balearic Islands, Film Directing at ECAM and took a Documentary course at the New York Film Academy. Her short film Plastic Touch was premiered at the LesGai festival in Madrid, and Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight had its world premiere at the Medina del Campo Film Festival.

Miguel Guindos

He studied Film Directing at ECAM and during his training, he made short films such as Lupita From Now On, selected in Abycine and BUFF Mälmo, Not The Beach But It’s Not That Bad, A Summer and The Cat and The Vulture. He has also studied at Cinezeta, a Cineteca Matadero film programming course. He has launched an initiative of film courses for teenagers called El cine es fácil.

Filmography: Aitana Ahrens: Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight (short film, co-directed, 2023, D'A 2023), Plastic Touch (short film, 2022) Miguel Guindos: Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight (short film, co-directed, 2023, D'A 2023), Lupita From Now On (short film, 2021), Not The Beach But It's Not That Bad (short film, 2020), The Cat and The Vulture (short film, 2020), A Summer (short film, 2019)

Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos

Film information

Int. title: Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight
Director: Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos
Script: Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos
Contact: Agencia Audiovisual Freak
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Format: Digital
Length: 15 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2023


Cleo vendrá esta noche