Iratxe Fresneda

Spain 66 min. min Catalan premiere


Cold Lands makes a personal journey through the images and cinema, guided by filmmakers and artist like, Theo Angelopoulos, Bego Vicario, Wim Wenders or Rut Hillarp among others. In this non-fictional road-movie their vision of what cinema is, of what is hidden behind the images, intersects with the world of beekeeping, architecture and the human landscape. Cinema within cinema and film locations that acquire new meanings when revisited by the contemporary gaze. From the landscapes of the interior, burnt by the sun, passing through the blue light of the northern lands, the film reflects on cinematographic archives, their validity and their importance as a cultural treasure. At the same time, it gives filmic archaeology a new meaning by making it interact with images of the present. Cold Lands is a journey through the meanings acquired by what is offstage in the landscapes appropriated by cinema, through the questioning of nature by the filmmaker’s romantic gaze. Cinema and real life are confused with each other, in the knowledge that living is in itself a work of art.

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Iratxe Fresneda

(Bilbao, 1974) She holds a PhD in Audiovisual Communication and a lecturer at the UPV / EHU where she teaches ‘Gender, image and identity’. Director and screenwriter, she collaborates with different institutions linked to film as a consultant. She has also been visiting professor at the University of Nevada and the Film Studies Department of Lund (Sweden).

Filmography: Cold Lands (2018), Irrintziaren Oihartzunak (2016).

Iratxe Fresneda

Film information

Original Title: Lurralde Hotzak
Director: Iratxe Fresneda
Script: Iratxe Fresneda
With: Hélène Medina, Laida Medina
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 66 min. min
Language: English, Basque, French, German
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2019