Miguel Ángel Blanca, Jordi Díaz Fernández

Spain 20 min. min


A poetic fable about wandering and unresting and about the negative impact of the civilization on nature. Birds that get lost in the flight until they faint. People who get lost in the dark. Flashes, lightning, mobile phone screens and Chinese shadows. The screen to understand reality and the image to transcend life. Taxidermy. An avant-garde ornithological documentary, which ends up being a strange existential puzzle that tries to warn us of something terrible is about to happen.

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Short 1


Catalan CinemaShort Film


Miguel Ángel Blanca

(Sabadell, 1982) Filmmaker, screenwriter and musician specialized in surrealistic love tragi-comedies, double lives and daily darkness. His filmography, halfway between fiction and documentary, deals with issues such as memory, adolescent nihilism and the fantasy of the end of the world.

Filmography: Corre Brilla Luz Luz (curt, 2018), Quiero lo eterno (2017, D’A 2018), Un lloc on caure mort (2015), Després de la generació feliç (2014), Somos gente honrada (2013), El baile maldito (curt, 2012), Your Lost Memories (2012)

Miguel Ángel Blanca

Jordi Díaz Fernández

Experimental filmmaker with a remarkable career in visual art centers. Corre Brilla Luz Luz is his debut as a director.

Filmography: Corre Brilla Luz Luz (curt, 2018)

Jordi Díaz Fernández

Film information

Original Title: Run Glow Light Light
Director: Miguel Ángel Blanca, Jordi Díaz Fernández
Script: Miguel Ángel Blanca, Jordi Díaz Fernández
Contact: Boogaloo
With: Noemí Peña Galdeano, Lluvia Díaz Peña, José Díaz Martín, José Manuel Barahona, Abel Julien
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: Digital
Length: 20 min. min
Language: Spanish, Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2019