Marc Ferrer

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Marcos, a film director without much success, is immersed in the shooting of his new film when a series of terrible murders begin to happen in Barcelona, and all seem to have a relationship with the director. ¡Corten! is a queer giallo that combines two genres as far apart as horror and comedy. A film about the tenacity of a deluded film director that insists on making one film after another despite his failures: because films have to be made. Whatever it takes.

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Marc Ferrer

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at UPF, Ferrer has directed several short films and video clips for groups such as Papa Topo or La Prohibida. He made his debut with the feature film Nos parecía importante, premiered worldwide at D’A 2016, and later he directed La maldita primaveraPuta y amada and El corazón rojo, all screened at D’A, a festival with which he lives a long romance and where he has also shot parts of his films. ¡Corten! (2021) was nominated for best “Arrebato” film at the Feroz Awards.

Filmography: Reír, cantar, tal vez llorar (2024, D'A 2024), ¡Corten! (2021, D'A 2021), El corazón rojo (mid-length film, 2020, D'A 2020), Mi odio en tu corazón (short, 2019), Puta y amada (2018, D'A 2018), La maldita primavera (2017, D'A 2017), Nos parecía importante (2016, D’A 2016)

Marc Ferrer

Film information

Director: Marc Ferrer
Script: Marc Ferrer
With: La Prohibida, Marga Sardà, Gregorio Sanz, Maria Sola, Saya Solana, Álvaro Lucas, Paco Serrano, Marc Ferrer
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 78 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2021