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Especials Spain 93 min Fiction


Result of the seminar on festival programming, directed by ESCAC with the collaboration of D’A – Barcelona Film Festival. The participants in the seminar, made up of ESCAC Master’s and Degree students, have made a selection of short films by their classmates to be screened within the framework of this session.

In the words of the programmers, this screening was born from the desire to make visible the work of the ESCAC students, an opportunity for the visions of colleagues to finally be shared in the context of a great festival. The mission of the selection committee, made up of male and female students, has been to select works that embody the spirit and values ​​of the school: works that innovate, excite and, above all, represent the richness of the creative work of the school. This day is a celebration of a collective identity committed to cinema, mutual support and the desire to see each member of our community grow and flourish.

The following short films will be screened:

  • Bienvenida – Ana Rodríguez Dovat, Diego Cárdenas (3 min)
  • Anita – Aixa Guerrero (12 min)
  • Stray Animals Mecanics – Alexandra Ershova (13 min)
  • La frontera – Teo Nicolau Martín (10 min)
  • La durée – Ariana Doric (12 min)
  • Ramón Corrugado y la ciudad cartón – Daniel González Omaña (8 min)
  • Lo que pasa mañana – Anna Montón Vèrnia (13 min)
  • Klittra – Mariona Martínez (10 min)
  • Con traje y sin zapatos – Clara Cebrián Segon (12 min)

Presented by the directors

Film information

Director: VVAA
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: Digital
Length: 93 min
Language: Spanish, Catalan