Shorts – Joves Programadors II



The Persistence of Memory

Three exciting short films that invite you to discover how collective and individual memory helps us understand the past, build the present and forge a future. The crowd will always reappear and Contracampos remind us of the importance of giving a voice to those who are no longer there: cinema as a way of keeping their stories and history alive. Laiotz offers us a fascinating journey: cinema as an exploration of the interior and exterior, between dreams and reality, light and darkness.

Ready for the trip? We will be able to discuss it with the Negu collective!

For several editions, Moving Cinema and the D’A – Barcelona Film Festival have collaborated by proposing to groups of Young Programmers to curate, accompany and present some sessions of the festival. This year, two groups of high school students are planning two special sessions dedicated to short films. The Young Programmers 2023 are: Mateu Aisaita Almenar, Sara Casademont, Víctor García, Clara Martínez, Julia Matinez, Maria Rey, Mariona Rodríguez, Olivia Roig, Julia Salinas, Andrea Sánchez, Paula Sánchez, Marta Sivil, Duna Verdú (Poeta Institute Maragall). Tian Ci Jiang, Àlex Méndez, Jairo Montes, Ariadna Morey (Doctor Puigvert Institute). The proposal is developed within the framework of Moving Cinema, a European project led by A Bao A Qu.

Film information

Director: VVAA
Year: 2022-2023
Length: 74 min