DAU. Degeneration (Part 3)

Ilià Khrzhanovski, Ilià Permiàkov

Especials Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, France 138 min Spanish premiere Fiction


A secret Soviet Institute conducts scientific and occult experiments on animals and human beings to create the perfect person. The KGB general and his aides turn a blind eye to the erotic adventures of the director of the Institute, scandalous debauches of prominent scientists and their cruel and insane research. One day, a radical ultra right-wing group arrives in the laboratory under the guise of test subjects. They get a task – to eradicate the decaying elements of the Institute’s community, and if needs be, destroy the fragile world of secret Soviet science.


European CinemaDramaHistoryPoliticsSex


Ilià Permiàkov

Ilya Permyakov is an audiovisual director and scriptwriter and a PhD in Philosophy. His audiovisual works have been exhibited in centers such as the MMOMA in Moscow or the Tate Modern in London, and in 2008 he was awarded at the Moscow Film Festival for his video art work Gazing. Since 2012, he has had a notable role in the DAU project; he has co-directed some films and has done research, writing and academic dissemination.

Filmography: DAU. Regeneration (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Degeneration (codirigit, 2020), DAU. New Man (codirigit, 2020)

Ilià Permiàkov

Ilià Khrzhanovski

Ilya Khrzhanovskiy graduated from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and in 2005 he released his first feature film, 4, winner of the Rotterdam Film Festival and awarded at festivals such as Transilvania or BAFICI, among many others. In 2006 he started DAU, an ambitious film project that combines art, anthropology and history, which was premiered in 2019 in Paris, between the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Théâtre de la Ville and the Pompidou Center.

Filmography: DAU. Regeneration (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Natasha (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Conformists (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Degeneration (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Sasha Valera (codirigit, 2020), DAU. New Man (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Katya Tanya (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nikita Tanya (codirigit, 2020), DAU. String Theory (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Brave People (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Three Days (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nora Mother (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nora Son (codirigit, 2020), Dau (2019), 4 (2004)

Ilià Khrzhanovski

Film information

Original Title: DAU. Degeneratsia
Director: Ilià Khrzhanovski, Ilià Permiàkov
Script: Ilià Khrzhanovski, Ilià Permiàkov
Contact: Filmin
With: Vladimir Azhippo, Dmitri Kaledin, Olga Shkabàrnia
Country: Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, France
Year: 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 138 min
Language: Russian, English
Subtitles: Spanish
Subtitles in Filmin: Spanish
Edition: 2021


DAU. Degeneration (Part 3)