30 minutes. Lots of dialogues. They used to be two, then three, then two again. Now he is one and it’s like a dull pain. Once, they used to talk about Athens and Pericles, sometimes they even talked about wat they felt. Now, he doesn’t talk. But he has read a book, from one of those distant voices. And so he remembers, he writes a letter, he imagines he speaks to someone. And who knows, maybe it’s true, maybe he speaks to someone. On friendship. On love. On memory. On oblivion. And a bit of democracy, too.

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Shorts 2


Best Spanish Short Film, Best Screenplay and Jury Award in Aguilar de Campoo | Best Actress, Best Actor and Comunidad de Madrid Award at Alcine
Catalan premiere
Eligible for: Premi del públic curt UIC

Pablo García Canga

Pablo García Canga

(Madrid, 1981) Diploma in Film Direction by the Fémis of Paris. Besides his work as a director, he has also written the script for several shorts. He is also a translator and critic in several specialized magazines (Lumière, Détour, SoFilm…).


La nuit d'avant (curt, 2019), De l'amitié (curt, 2018), Retrato en dos tiempos (curt, 2014), Pissing Territories (curt, 2012), Para Julia (curt, 2004)


Carla Simón

The director of Summer 1993 returns to the festival with this short that aims to raise awareness about AIDS, but does not abandon the luminosity of this very personal author.


Carlota Oms

The first short film by Carlota Oms has managed to become, in a very short time, an instant classic. He participated in the Sundance Festival.


Manuel Palma

What starts as a conceptual short film ends up as a metaphor for our time. And a brilliant sound work has just shaped this powerful cinematographic hallucination.