Carlos Vermut

Spain 130 min Fiction


Violeta is determined to do whatever it takes to find her missing daughter. Elena keeps a strange secret. Lola wants to settle differences with her past. Juana needs someone to love her unconditionally and without questions and Enriqueta is just looking for someone to make her laugh. These five women have something in common; they’re all connected to Diamond Flash, a mysterious character who will change their lives forever.


Carlos Vermut

Madrid, 1980. After working in the comic and illustration world, he took the big leap to short films with Maquetas (09) that won him the VII edition of the Notodofilmfest and a nomination for the 2010 Méliès d’Or. Diamond Flash is his first feature-length film.

Filmography: Diamond Flash (2011).

Carlos Vermut

Film information

Original Title: Diamond Flash
Director: Carlos Vermut
Script: Carlos Vermut
Contact: Psicosoda Films
With: Ángela Boix, Miquel Insua, Klaus, Rocío León, Eva Llorach, Victoria Radonic, Ángela Villar
Country: Spain
Year: 2011
Format: Digital
Length: 130 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Without subtitles
Edition: 2012