La Selva Collective

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 13 min World Premiere Documentary


The city can be a foreign place, that pushes to keep distances but, at the same time, traps. The four directors, from different backgrounds (Colombia, Costa Rica, Galicia and rural Catalonia), explore this relationship of uprooting from the city through the dialogue of filmed diaries. How to live in the fiction of a beautiful but uninhabitable model? How do you build your own country in a foreign country? If uprooting is what marks your relationship with the city, why are you still here? Her perspectives of women (migrants and nationals) are intertwined to explore the artifice that the city supposes. At the same time, they explore the intimate reasons for their stay. A diary filmed in four voices (those of Lucía Dapena, Liliana Díaz, Jana Montllor and Melisa Ramírez) in which their visions unfold, dialoguing or contradicting each other, according to the experiences that have led them to live in Barcelona.

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Catalan CinemaFemale DirectorDocumentary


Col·lectiu La Selva

La Selva collective is a creative film production ecosystem based in Barcelona made up of a group of Ibero-American filmmakers and producers involved in the renewal of film production, training and dissemination processes. They develop training, creation and promotion programs for films in a bid to generate authorial, authentic and diverse visions that are fundamental in the representation and recognition of a plural world.

Filmography: Disonar (codirected, 2022, D'A 2022)

Col·lectiu La Selva

Film information

Director: La Selva Collective
Script: La Selva Collective
Contact: CCCB
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 13 min
Language: Spanish, Catalan
Edition: 2022