Víctor Moreno

Spain 94 min Documentary


The year 2007 saw the start of the renovation of Edificio España, an emblematic building that during the years of Franco’s regime had been a symbol of prosperity. Over two hundred workers from a long list of countries took part in the building works, which gave rise to an unusual collection of anecdotes. The life experience of all those characters became a part of the memories contained by the building structure. A huge Tower of Babel that will bear forever the mark of our times.

* Catalan première



Víctor Moreno

He studied Philosophy and the master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the UPF. He directed La ciudad oculta (D’A 2018), Premio Feroz for best documentary and award for best photography in Seville, and Edificio España (D’A 2014), nominated for the Goya for best documentary, as well as several short films. His works have been seen at festivals such as IDFA, San Sebastián, Visions du Réel or Karlovy Vary or in art centers such as Lincoln Center or the Pompidou Center in Paris. For three years he was artistic director of the Lanzarote Film Festival.

Filmography: Meteoro (short film, 2023, D'A 2024), Lovebirds (short film, 2021, D'A 2022), La ciudad oculta (2018, D'A 2019), Ave feliz (short film, 2015), Edificio España (2014, D’A 2014), La piedra (medium length-film, 2013), El extraño (short, 2010), Holidays (2010), Feriantes (short film, 2010)

Víctor Moreno

Film information

Original Title: The Building
Director: Víctor Moreno
Script: Victor Moreno, Rodrigo Rodríguez
Contact: Victor Moreno
With: -
Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 94 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2014