El bon auguri

Alba Bresolí

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 13 min World premiere


A stone rests in a dry and abandoned place, on the outskirts of Barcelona, in the middle of a mountain that is no longer a mountain. Thousands of years ago it was a place to leave offerings. Sacrifices were made to ask for good omens. The stone remembers the last shepherd in the area, the only one who visited it, before disappearing with his sheep. In an eternal summer, suddenly, a visitor bursts into the stone’s existence.


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Alba Bresolí

She has a degree in Communication and Cinematographic Production and a master’s degree in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University. She made a stay at the Bauhaus University, through which she directed the film Domus, premiered at several international festivals, and Cuencas, shot in 8 mm. She has collaborated in productions by filmmakers such as Isaki Lacuesta and Eva Vila. Her short film El día que volaron la montaña was selected at festivals such as IndieLisboa, Málaga or GoShorts.

Filmography: El bon auguri (short film, 2024, D'A 2024), El día que volaron la montaña (short film, 2022, D'A 2022), Domus (short film, 2020), Cuencas (short film, 2018)

Alba Bresolí

Film information

Int. title: The Good Omen
Director: Alba Bresolí
Script: Alba Bresolí, Nila Nuñez
Contact: CCCB
With: Jose Montoya, Tornen Les Esquelles
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: Digital
Length: 13 min
Language: Catalan