Carolina Campo-Lupo

Uruguay 83 min. min Documentary


A Uruguayan navy vessel crosses the South Atlantic, heading for Antarctica. In this stormy ocean, often strewn with icebergs, the journey is long and full of danger. The sailors work very hard to bring a military base its provisions. Having arrived, it is the icy continent that reigns, with its unconquerable climate and sense of solitude and isolation. In these vast landscapes, the men slowly disappear. Only the voice of an Orthodox liturgy reminds us of their presence. Frozen man aims at figuring out what remains when there is nothing left and what do we become once we see nature is not an enemy, but what contains us. There is an element of oppression; we cannot escape from what contains and contemplates us, and the only trace of humanity left is little gestures. This frozen man becomes his own movements and the camera keeps him company, trying to understand his task. What remains of humanity at the end of the world is to be found there.

*Catalan première


Carolina Campo-Lupo

Carolina is a Uruguayan filmmaker graduated in Media and Communication Studies. Her first long documentary as a Director El hombre congelado won several Uruguayan and international funds and awards and participated in more than 10 international film festivals around the world. She focuses in finding a personal and unique way to tell simple stories that can question our way of perceiving life and ourselves.

Filmography: El hombre congelado (2014)

Carolina Campo-Lupo

Film information

Original Title: Frozen Man
Director: Carolina Campo-Lupo
Script: Carolina Campo-Lupo
Contact: Lobo Hombre
Country: Uruguay
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Length: 83 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: No subtitles
Edition: 2015