Juan Schnitman

Argentina 95 min. min Fiction


On the way to closing the contract on their first home, Lucía and Marcelo withdraw a hundred thousand dollars in cash from their bank. The seller can’t make it to the signing and it gets postponed to next day. Frustrated, they head back to their old place and put the money away. The next 24 hours will unveil the true nature of their love, the crisis they are, and the violence within themselves. Catalan première

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Juan Schnitman

After graduating from the Universidad del Cine, he co-directed, along with Santiago Mitre, Alejandro Fadel and Martín Mauregui, El amor (Primera parte), a film that premiered at the Venice Critics’ Week. El incencio, his solo debut in the feature film, had its world premiere at the Berlinale and won the Critics’ Award at the D’A. With the following films he has continued to explore the murkier aspects of affective and sexual relationships.

Filmography: Sangre (2020), Rompiente (migmetratge, 2020), El incendio (2015, D'A 2015), Grande para la ciudad (2007), El amor (Primera parte) (codirigit, 2005), Mi primera salida (curt, 2005), A ningún lado (curt, 2003), Duelo (curt, 2002), Victorina Fernández Ortiz (curt, 2002), Yakuza (curt, 2002), La muerte de Ricardo Lee (curt, 2001), El interior de la bestia (curt, 1999)

Juan Schnitman

Film information

Original Title: EL INCENDIO
Director: Juan Schnitman
Script: Agustina Liendo
Contact: FiGa Films
With: Pilar Gamboa, Juan Barberini, Luciano Suardi, Marcelo D’ Andrea, Andrea Garrote
Country: Argentina
Year: 2015
Format: Digital
Length: 95 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2015