Christophe Farnarier

Spain, France 97 min min Documentary


Based on real events -an ordinary man who one day walked into the Catalonian mountains of Ripollés never to return – this movie could have been a thriller, or a psychological drama, or a social claim, or…just the opposite as Christophe Farnarier places himself in front of curious facts, with patience, understanding and picturing the character’s everyday acts as if he didn’t care to understand his motivations, but simply follow his steps to see where they lead him. This is an honest and brave work which humbly acquires epic dimensions. Catalan premiere


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Christophe Farnarier

(France, 1963) French director living in Catalonia, has directed El somni and La primavera. He’s also the cinematographer of the films Honor de cavalleria (Albert Serra, 2006) and Familytrip (Luis Miñarro, 2009).

Filmography: El perdut (2016), El somni (2008), La primavera (2012)

Christophe Farnarier

Film information

Original Title: The Lost
Director: Christophe Farnarier
Script: Pablo Remón, Daniel Remón, Christophe Farnarier
Contact: Pantalla Partida SL
With: Adrià Miserachs
Country: Spain, France
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Length: 97 min min
Language: No dialogue
Edition: 2016