Pere Vilà + l’IES Sobrequés de Girona

Spain 96 min World premiere Fiction


Alicia and Carla are two young girls who suffer from eating disorders. This is the reason of their friendship and together they will search a way out of their illness. We travel through their minds, their doubts, insecurities, feelings and expectations and arrive to an apparent vicious circle. It is a fight against themselves that leaves traces of the adult person they are going to be in our imaginary.

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Pere Vilà + IES Santiago Sobrequés

Pere Vilà (Girona, 1975) is a catalan filmmaker with long acclaimed documentaries and films like La lapidation de Saint Étienne. His pieces have been selected in festivals like Rotterdam, San Sebastián, London or New York. His fifth feature film, El vent és això (2018), has been codirected with teenagers.

Filmography: El vent és això (2018), L'artèria invisible (2015), La fossa (2014), La lapidation de Saint Étienne (2012, D'A 2013), Pas a nivell (2007)

Pere Vilà + IES Santiago Sobrequés

Film information

Original Title: This is the wind
Director: Pere Vilà + l’IES Sobrequés de Girona
Script: Pere Vilà
Contact: Pere Vilà
With: Laia Manzanares, Katrin Vankova, Anna Alarcón, Àlex Brendemühl
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 96 min
Language: Catalan
Edition: 2018