Ela Orleans: L’Apparition

Cinema Concert Scotland 40 min


The figure of Salomé has always been related to lasciviousness, sin and feminine voluptuousness. Artist Ela Orleans starts from this premise, redefining the myth with a disruptive and enigmatic audiovisual show, sometimes psychedelic, that mixes disciplines, techniques and meanings based on materials of all kinds, from musicals to cinematographic. Starting from the opera Salomé by Richard Strauss, sketches from the painting L’apparition, by Moreau, found footage and a powerful sense of composition, Orleans takes us into an immersive experience that puts inside down all perception and classical work.

Due to the transport strike in France, the Ela Orleans concert scheduled for the festival on Saturday 25 March is cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Ticketing Department will manage the return of the amount of all tickets purchased.



Film information

With: Ela Orleans
Country: Scotland
Year: 2023
Length: 40 min
Edition: 2023