Carlos Marqués-Marcet

Spain 94 min. min Catalan premiere


Vir (30) and Lluís (32) just found out they are pregnant, but it was unplanned and they’ve only been going out for a year. They’re not against the idea of being parents, and yet they can’t help but hesitate, wondering if it’s the right time now, just as they’re truly getting to know one another.

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Presented by the director and the team




Carlos Marques-Marcet

(Barcelona, 1983) Marques-Marcet’s short films in the US include I’ll Be Alone (Beijing International Film Festival) and Yellow Ribbon (DGA student award). Marques-Marcet has also edited such films as Caracremada (Venice Film Festival) and It Felt Like Love (SXSW, Sundance). With 10.000 KM (2014), his long feature debut, he won several awards and closed the D’A Film Festival.

Filmography: Els dies que vindran (2019), Tierra firme (2017), 10.000 Km (2014, D’A 2014), El día que la conocimos (curt, 2012), Mateix lloc, mateixa hora (curt, 2012), I couldn’t Forget Her (curt, 2012), The Yellow Ribbon (curt, 2012), Say goodnight (curt, 2011), 5456 Miles Away (curt, 2010), I’ll Be Alone (curt, 2010)

Carlos Marques-Marcet

Film information

Original Title: The Days to Come
Director: Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Script: Clara Roquet, Coral Cruz, Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Contact: Avalon
With: David Verdaguer, Maria Rodríguez Soto
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Format: DCP
Length: 94 min. min
Language: Catalan, Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2019


Golden Biznaga for the Best Spanish Film and Best Director, Silver Biznaga for the Best Actress and Young Jury Award in Málaga