En el futuro… Predicciones para un presente extremo

María Cañas

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 13 min Documentary


“If we vanished tomorrow, no organism on this planet would miss us. Nothing in nature needs us”. María Cañas meets the Anthropocene in this search-footage film starring the animals that (hopefully) will take over the world when the most harmful species (the human one) materializes its own destruction.

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María Cañas

Iconoclastic pharaoh of guilt-cinema, with her usual visual potency and a dream-like apocalypse inspired by a quote from Edgar Allan Poe: “Dreams, those fragments of death. How I hate them!”

Filmography: En el futuro… Predicciones para un presente extremo (short, 2021, D'A 2022), No ni ná (short, 2019), Padre no nuestro (short, 2019), La cosa vuestra (medium-length film, 2018, D'A 2019), Cumbia against the machine (short, 2017), EXPO LIO '92 (short, 2017), Campo de sueños (short, 2016, D’A 2018), Sé villana. La Sevilla del Diablo (medium-length film, 2013), Fuera de serie (medium-length film, 2012), Mi Lucha (short, 2011), Holy Thriller (short, 2011), El Perfecto Cerdo (short, 2005)

María Cañas

Film information

Int. title: In the Future… Predictions for an Extreme Present
Director: María Cañas
Script: María Cañas
Contact: Animalario TV
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 13 min
Language: Spanish


En el futuro… Predicciones para un presente extremo