Esa fugaz esencia que dejaron los sucesos

Carolina Astudillo

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 14 min World Premiere Documentary


Walter Benjamin defined the trace as the “appearance of a closeness, however far away that which has left it behind may now be”. The streets of Barcelona are populated with the traces of small and large struggles that women have carried out throughout history. Some are barely noticeable, they sparkle, they hide. Others have become intentional traces, plaques or monuments that try to reconstruct and update the past that History with a capital H has wanted to erase. This film seeks this closeness that Benjamin speaks of, the vestige of an alternative history to the official one that must be saved from oblivion. It is the investigation of the historical strength of these women considered exceptions, footnotes.

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Carolina Astudillo

Graduated in Film Studies from the Catholic University of Chile and master’s degree in Creative Documentary from the UAB. She has developed her work from historical research, documentary creation and writing, with women and historical memory as a point of reference. She has won two Silver Biznagas in Malaga, with El gran vuelo and with Ainhoa: yo no soy esa. As a teacher, she teaches classes at several Catalan and Latin American universities and film schools. Currently, she has various films in development.

Filmography: Postal (O, desde la distancia eres un espejismo) (short film, 2023, D'A 2024), The Crowd Will Always Return (short film, 2023, D'A 2023), Canción a una dama en la sombra (2022, D'A 2022), Esa fugaz esencia que dejaron los sucesos (short film, 2022, D'A 2022), Naturaleza muerta (short film, 2020, D'A 2020), Un paseo por New York Harbor (short film, 2019, D'A 2019), Ainhoa: yo no soy esa (2018, D’A 2018), El gran vuelo (2014), El deseo de la civilización (short film, 2014), Lo indecible (short film, 2012), De monstruos y faldas (short film, 2008)

Carolina Astudillo

Film information

Director: Carolina Astudillo
Script: Carolina Astudillo
Contact: CCCB
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 14 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2022