Ramón Lluís Bande

Spain 68 min Catalan premiere Documentary


Brothers Manuel and Ángel Fernández were celebrating Christmas Eve dinner in the family home of Escoréu (Pravia) on 24 November 1937 when a known Falangist in the town knocked on the door, gun in hand, and told them they had to go with him to testify. Outside the house expected other Falangists in a van. The two brothers were killed a mile away from home. Eighty years later, a group of volunteers are looking for their remains. These searching works connect two eras while showing how the landscape hides a reality that shapes our collective present.

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Ramón Lluís Bande

Asturian filmmaker and writer. He’s a director of documentary and feature films. Besides, he has directed video clips for Nacho Vegas, Manta Ray, Mus, Viva Las Vegas or Aroah, amongst others. Several of his previous films have been screened at the D’A.

Filmography: Cantares de una revolución (2018, D'A 2019), Hotel Asturies (2019), Escoréu, 24 d'Avientu de 1937 (2017, D’A 2018), Aun me quedan balas para dibujar (curt, 2017, D’A 2018), Vida vaquera (2016, D’A 2017), El nome de los árboles (2015, D'A 2016), Equí y n'otru tiempu (2014), Llar (2014), Sangre (2010), La carta de Bárbara (2007), El Paisano: un retrato colectivo (2005), Divina lluz (2003), El fulgor (2002)

Ramón Lluís Bande

Film information

Original Title: Escoréu, December 24, 1937
Director: Ramón Lluís Bande
Script: Ramón Lluís Bande
Contact: De la Piedra Producciones
Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Format: DCP
Length: 68 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2018