Dimas Rodríguez

Spain 72 min Fiction


Et dec una nit de divendres is an independent film project, which is based on a low budget production cost and an exciting script, young and fresh, where the dialogues and the way the characters are portrayed set a special framework to find the perfect excuse to merge the music scene of today’s Catalan side.

This music accompanies an existential group of young people who are on their thirties. They observe this age horizon in a cynical way due to their uncertainty imposed maturity. They story goes along a night’s edition of PopArb in 2012, the music festival held in Arbúcies.


Dimas Rodríguez

He is a musician and television scriptwriter. He has worked for TV3 writing scripts for cultural programs such as Silenci?, Ànima, or Tot es mou, as well as the TV movie Et dec una nit de divendres. As a musician, under the name Invisible Harvey he has released two albums, and some of his songs are part of the soundtrack of the series Mira lo que has hecho.

Filmography: Todavía no conozco tu letra (curt, 2021), Tenemos que hablar (curt, 2015), Et dec una nit de divendres (2013, D'A 2013)

Dimas Rodríguez

Film information

Original Title: I Owe You a Friday Night
Director: Dimas Rodríguez
Script: Dimas Rodríguez
With: Jordi Andújar, Aina Clotet, Marc Rodríguez, Sara Loscos, Oriol Vila
Country: Spain
Year: 2013
Format: Digital
Length: 72 min
Language: Catalan
Edition: 2013