Raul Perrone

Argentina 80 min. min Fiction


A magical – Jungle – Forest. Beautiful – Dangerous – Sensual. A woman – Her husband. A young man – A teenage girl. (They look like brother and sister). Another teen girl arrives. A man – in the forest – Jungle. Two other men (from another time). Shots – Running – An escape. A waterfall – Rain – Storm. Fire – Shots – Love – Passion – Death.

Just like Perrone’s description, his latest film Favula taps into the earthly universe in a fragmentary and enigmatic way, without following any rule apart from his own inspiration, the one that insists on defining new ways to reflect on independent cinema.

*Catalan première


Raúl Perrone

(Argentina, 1952) He has worked with every format, always independently. He founded the First Festival for Films Made with Photo Cameras and directs the Ituzaingó International Film Festival. Among many other films, he directed Graciadió (1997), La mecha (2003), Canadá (2006) and P3nd3jo5 (2013).

Filmography: P3ND3JO5 (2013), Los actos cotidianos (2010), La mecha (2003), Peluca y Marisita (2002), No seas cruel (1996)

Raúl Perrone

Film information

Director: Raul Perrone
Script: Raul Perrone
Contact: Movies for Festivals
With: Lucia Ozan, Nix Noise, Aleli Sueldo, Sara Navarro, Sergio Boggio, Juan Rodriguez
Country: Argentina
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Length: 80 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2015