Yulene Olaizola

Mexico, Canada 61 min Documentary


The deterioration of a small community in Fogo Island is forcing its inhabitants to leave and resettle. Places once occupied by humans are now becoming part of the tundra landscape. In spite of a condemn future, there are some residents who decide to remain, holding on to their memories and grieving for the past, when life in Fogo was different.


Yulene Olaizola

Mexico City, 1983. Her thesis project and Opera Prima, the documentary Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo (2008) was awarded in BAFICI and San Sebastian, among many others. In 2011 she produced and directed her first fiction feature Paraísos artificiales, premiered in Rotterdam and awarded at Tribeca. Fogo is the result of her work during the residency program of the Fogo Island Arts Corporation, in Newfoundland Canada.

Filmography: Fogo (2012), Paraísos artificiales (2011), Intimidades de Shakespeare y Víctor Hugo (2008)

Yulene Olaizola

Film information

Original Title: Fogo
Director: Yulene Olaizola
Script: Yulene Olaizola, Diego García, Rubén Imaz
Contact: Pascale Ramonda
With: Norman Foley, Ron Broders, Joseph Dwyer
Country: Mexico, Canada
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 61 min
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2013