Down an alley where one wouldn’t expect to find such a place, there is a coffeehouse where people sit here and there talking amongst themselves. Opposite the coffeehouse, the owner of a small grocery has planted various kinds of vegetables that sprout up inside large rubber basins. As time passes, the people sitting at different tables grow familiar with each other and start to mix. One woman observes the others and writes down her thoughts. Even as the night grows late, they all remain in the coffeehouse.

Catalan premiere
Eligible for: Premi del públic

Hong Sang-soo

Hong Sang-soo

(Seoul, 1960) He made an astounding debut with his first feature film The Day a Pig Fell Into The Well in 1996. Since then, he has directed and written 16 films. Renowned for his unique cinematographic language and unprecedented esthetics in filmmaking, Hong Sang-soo is considered as one of the most established auteurs in contemporary Korean cinema.


The Day After (2017), La cámara de Claire (2017), En la playa sola de noche (2017), Lo tuyo y tú (2016), Ahora sí, antes no (2015, D'A 2016), Hill of Freedom (2014, D’A 2015), Our Sunhi (2013, D'A 2014), Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (2013), En otro país (2012), Oki’s Movie (2010, D’A 2011), Hahaha (2010), Noche y día (2008), Mujer en la playa (2006), La mujer es el futuro del hombre (2004), The Day a Pig Fell into the Well (1996)


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