Ignacio Acconcia

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 29 min World premiere Documentary


Young Imade (Er-Rachidia, 2002) has long since run away from home. Despite his deafness, the boy had always dreamt of a better life. Now, after years without hearing from him, his family manages to contact him through brief and very precarious video calls. Imade longs to get back home to meet them again. But first, he will have to fight the isolation he lives in.

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Ignacio Acconcia

He is a director and screenwriter who graduated at ESCAC and has a MFA in Creative Documentary from the Pompeu Fabra University. His debut feature, El Niño de Fuego (D’A 2021), is a documentary with the participation of Movistar +, TVE, ICAA and ICEC produced by Nanouk Films, awarded with a Special Mention from the SEMINCI Jury. Currently, Acconcia is developing his second feature film and first fiction, Cara Sucia.

Filmography: Imade (short, 2024, D'A 2024), El Niño de Fuego (2021, D'A, 2021)

Ignacio Acconcia

Film information

Int. title: Imade
Director: Ignacio Acconcia
Script: Ignacio Acconcia, Lara Stoop
Contact: Ayhe Productions
With: Imade Ouchghenou
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: DCP
Length: 29 min
Language: Catalan Sign Language, Spanish, Arabic
Subtitles: Spanish