When middle-aged bank clerk Sheila Woolchapel is sold a strikingly beautiful red dress at a Thames Valley department store during the January sales, it looks like the lonely divorcee has had a rare piece of good luck. The salesperson, Miss Luckmoore, delivers a florid, confusing yet effective sales pitch full of mystery and seductive promise. Saddled with her uncommunicative teenage son, Vince, his vampish, nightmare girlfriend, Gwen, and a thankless job, lonely Sheila’s confidence is boosted by the garment, the fabric of which seems to adapt to fit and flatter whoever wears it. Meanwhile the department store staff perform arcane rituals during closing hours.

ACCA Jury Prize for the Best Film in Mar del Plata | Best Director at the Austin Fantastic Fest | Special Jury Prize at Fantasporto | Best Director and Cinematography in Les Arcs
Eligible for: Premi del públic

Peter Strickland

Peter Strickland

(United Kingdom, 1973) Together with David MacKenzie and Ben Wheatley, he’s one of the most remarkable British directors. His second feature film, Berberian Sound Studio, won 17 international awards. His last feature, In Fabric, has been awarded in Mar del Plata, Les Arcs and Austin.


In Fabric (2018), The Duke of Burgundy (2014, D’A 2015), Berberian Sound Studio (2012), Katalin Varga (2009), A Metaphysical Education (curt, 2004), Bubblegum (curt, 1996)


Christophe Honoré

Sui generis adaptation of the classic of Madame de Lafayette, moved to one of the most chic districts of Paris and starring an iconic Léa Seydoux.


Alexia Walther, Maxime Matray

Between surreal romanticism and absurd comedy, one of the most surprising titles of the year, an eccentric adventure about mourning, desire and melancholy that explores new territories of queer cinema.


Tolga Karaçelik

Jury Prize in the World Cinema section of the Sundance Festival, a generational drama with touches of black humor about three characters in crisis. And, at the same time, an exploration of the family within the Turkish culture.