Julián Génisson

Un impulso colectivo Spain 65 min Catalan premiere Fiction


A professional driver investigates the disappearance of one of his clients. He is helped by his Italian teacher, a homeless real estate agent and an artist who uses stock images to paint ideas that she gets from her dreams. A silent comedy mystery about love, travel and the afterlife.

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Spanish CinemaComedyThriller


Julián Génisson

He studied Philosophy in France and on his return to Spain he founded, together with the filmmaker Lorena Iglesias and the musician Aaron Rux, the audiovisual comedy collective Canódromo Abandonado, with which they filmed Towards Bruce Lee’s Tomb. He is also co-director of films like Esa sensación (D’A 2016), along with Juan Cavestany and Pablo Hernando. On his own he has made several shorts and video essays.

Filmography: Inmotep (2022, D'A 2023), Esa sensación (co-directed, 2016, D'A 2016), Ayudar al ojo humano (co-directed, 2017, D'A 2017), Towards Bruce Lee’s Tomb (2013)

Julián Génisson

Film information

Director: Julián Génisson
Script: Julián Génisson
Contact: Señor y Señora
With: Guillermo Llansó, Luis García Luque, Lorena Iglesias
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 65 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2023