Teresa Sendagorta

Spain 18 min. min Catalan premiere


Work with digitalyzation, decontext and recoding that plays with controlled randomness to relate processed found shots of footage and romantic novels based Artificial Intelligence generated poems that “occupies” the duration of the original Super8 film (250Mt/24fs) and permits the activation of codes and processes (among those control delegation, narrativity expectations and memory construction) within the viewer’s experience. The title refers to a AI verse and Snow’s words in Hollis Frampton’s Nostalgia.

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Shorts 2



Short FilmFemale Director


Teresa Sendagorta

(Bilbao, 1967) She explores the limits of language and narrativity in fiction and non-fiction audio-visual works and is interested in the relationship between image, word, presence, time, memory, control and identity. In 2009 she founded the production company Chisgarabis Kino.

Filmography: It Is All Right Here (curt, 2018) Mothertongue (2016), La letra es tuya (curt, 2010), Ojalá (curt, 2004)

Teresa Sendagorta

Film information

Director: Teresa Sendagorta
Script: Teresa Sendagorta
Contact: Marvin&Wayne
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 18 min. min
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2019