J: Plena Pausa

Cinema Concert Spain 75 min Catalan Premiere


The cinematographic work of Iván Zulueta, author of Rapture (1979), immortalizes him as a unique avant-garde artist, whose legacy always leaves us thirsty and wanting more. J, from Los Planetas, a declared fan of the Basque filmmaker, arrives at D’A and eases our thirst with a proposal that allows us to delve a little more into the figure of Zulueta and his creative genius. Inspired by unreleased materials, filmed in super 8 by the filmmaker and rescued by the Filmoteca Española, J creates a series of musical themes that, combined, constitute a genuine audiovisual work, ready to be enjoyed live in which he is accompanied by 107 Faunos and Srta. Trueno Negro. All the film materials are offered unaltered, as they appeared in Iván Zulueta’s archive, except for some extracts from Londres nocturno, Películas familiares (años 30 y 40) and Películas familiares (años 50) which are part from the archive, but which were not filmed by Zulueta and were edited by filmmaker Andrés Duque.

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Film information

With: J, 107 Faunos, Srta. Trueno Negro
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Length: 75 min
Edition: 2023