Sergi Portabella

Spain 90 min Spanish premiere Fiction


Francesc is a solitary thirteen-year-old boy who finds by chance a book by Albert Camus in school. Fascinated by the philosopher’s ideas, he starts calling himself Jean-François, raises his coat collar and decides to become an existentialist. Jean-François sets his mind on going to Paris to meet Camus. Lluna, a teenage girl older than him who lives in the present agrees to go with him on one condition: they must make a stop on the way to see the French boy she had an adventure with last summer. Jean-François and Lluna take off to discover the sense of life with or without Camus.

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Sergi Portabella

(Barcelona, 1980) He studied film at ESCAC film school between 1998 and 2002. In 2003, and together with two classmates, he founded Bipolar Films, dedicated to the production of music videos. He has halso written and directed a mini series for television, Nàufrags (Ship-wrecked, 2007) and three more short films: Autoayuda (Self-help, 2005), Te quiero (I love you 2009) and The astronaut on the roof (2009), selected by the Berlinale as one of the five finalists for the Berlin Today Award. In 2010 he receives a scholarship from de Nikow Programm to develop his project We Are Ein Berliner.

Filmography: Jean-François i el sentit de la vida (2017),  El fin del mundo será en Brasil (2013, curt), The Astronaut on the Roof (2009, curt)

Sergi Portabella

Film information

Original Title: Jean François and The Meaning of Life
Director: Sergi Portabella
Script: Sergi Portabella
Contact: Filmin
With: Max Megías, Claudia Vega, Ágata Roca, Pau Durà, Theo Cholbi
Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Format: DCP
Length: 90 min
Language: Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2018