Héléna Klotz

France 67 min


Two teenagers spend together at night around the town of Paris. One tries desperately to kiss a girl while a desire for his friend overwhelms the other one. L’âge atomique is not a sociological study of adolescence, but rather a film made for the adolescence of its protagonists. Victor and Rainer take the train to Paris to go dancing. But in front of the feminine rejections, street fights, and disappointments that call it a night and leave the city for the forest. There, in the stillness of nature and the light of the moon, his desire for the other becomes more and more evident.


Héléna Klotz

(France, 1979) She started her career in the theatre as an assistant director. She then worked in casting on features by Nicolas Klotz, Laurent Achard, Katell Quillévéré and Eva Ionesco. In 2003 she made her first short, Le léopard ne se déplace jamais sans ses taches, which was selected for the Locarno Festival. La edad atómica is her first feature film.

Filmography: La edad atómica (2012), Le léopard ne se déplace jamais sans ses taches (2003)

Héléna Klotz

Film information

Original Title: L'âge atomique
Director: Héléna Klotz
Script: Héléna Klotz
Contact: Mosaico Distribuciones
With: Dominick Wojcik, Eliott Paquet, Niels Schneider, Mathilde Bisson, Luc Chessel
Country: France
Year: 2012
Format: DCP
Length: 67 min
Language: French
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2018


FIPRESCI Award in Berlin