La gàbia

Adán Aliaga

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 20 min Catalan Premiere Documentary


Vicente and Elena spend Sunday at their country house on the outside of Alicante. Vicente has bought a new canary because a cat that roams the area ate one of his canaries. Elena does not like birds in cages, but they are Vicente’s favorite pastime and they keep him company. Now they have to teach the new canary to sing.


Catalan CinemaShort FilmDocumentary


Adán Aliaga

He premieres his first film as director, My Grandmother’s House, in 2006, with which he won numerous international awards, including the prestigious Joris Ivens Award at the IDFA Documentary Festival. Since then he has filmed several feature films. Stigmas (2009), Pilar Miró Prize for the best debut film at the Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI), Esquivar y pegar (2011), co-directed with Juanjo Giménez. His latest feature film, The Fourth Kingdom, co-directed with Alex Lora, has been awarded as Best Documentary Feature in the II edition of the Valencian Awards and in the Gaudí Awards of 2020.

Filmography: Posidonia (2021), La gàbia (short, 2021, D'A 2022), Pies y corazones (short, 2020), El cuarto reino (codirected, 2019), Fishbone (2018), The Fourth Kingdom (short, 2017), Sure We Can (short, 2017), The Pinch (short, 2016), The Walker (short, 2015), El arca de Noé (2014, D'A 2015), La capulana (2013), Kanimambo (codirected, 2012), La mujer del eternauta (2011), Esquivar y pegar (codirected, 2010), Estigmas (2009), La casa de mi abuela (2005), Jaibo (2001), No me jodas que tú no lo haces (short, 1996)

Adán Aliaga

Film information

Original Title: The Cage
Director: Adán Aliaga
Script: Adán Aliaga, Isa Feliu
Contact: Marvin & Wayne
With: Vicente Aliaga, Elena Pastor
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 20 min
Language: Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2022