Maximiliano Schonfeld

Argentina 82 min min Fiction


In a world disconnected from time, descendants of European immigrants cultivate their land and traditions, but the pnatations of the Lell brothers farm are threatened by a frost. And yet when a mysterious young woman appears, the frost stops. Hope emerges among the villagers, who start to worship her like a saint. Spanish première

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Maximiliano Schonfeld

Maximiliano Schonfeld was born in 1982 in Crespo, Entre Ríos, Argentina. He moved to Buenos Aires where he graduated from ENERC (National School of Cinema). In 2012 Maximiliano wrote and directed Germania, produced by Pasto with the support of INCA, the Hubert Bals Fund and the goverment of Entre Ríos. Previosly, Schonfeld wrote and directed the TV series Ander Egg and El Lobo and three short films.

Filmography: La helada negra (2016), Auster (2014, curt), Germania (2013)

Maximiliano Schonfeld

Film information

Original Title: The Black Frost
Director: Maximiliano Schonfeld
Script: Maximiliano Schonfeld
Contact: Still Moving
With: Ailín Salas, Lucas Schell
Country: Argentina
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Length: 82 min min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2016