Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné

Spain 19 min. min Catalan premiere


A family is spending their holiday at the Costa Brava. They are the mother, an older brother just entering puberty and a younger sister and brother. Along with them lives an au-pair of French origin. The older brother’s belief system will be disrupted when an act of kindness results in a little tragedy. This will lead him into a routine where refusing to make decisions could lead to greater tragedies.

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Short 1


Presented by the directors


Catalan CinemaShort FilmFemale Director


Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné

They are sisters and authors of La mala fe, their first short film as directors. Marina has studied Fine Arts, Elena and Eva have studied Audiovisual Communication, thus creating an interdisciplinary team. They have been watching cinema together for so many years that they have developed a common universe, both aesthetic and narrative.

Filmography: La mala fe (curt, 2018)

Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné

Film information

Original Title: Bad Faith
Director: Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné
Script: Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné
Contact: Alhena
With: Andy Turner, Nicol Romaris, Andrés Ruíz, Jeanne Ruff, Nerea Barros
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: Digital
Length: 19 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2019