La Mami

Laura Herrero Garvin

Spain, Mexico 79 min Catalan premiere Documentary


Inside the bathroom of the legendary Cabaret Barba Azul in Mexico City, La Mami offers support to the women who come to the club to earn money as dancers. Night after night the restroom is a safe space for the women. Priscilla is new to this world, but she has to come, every night, to pay for the care of her sick child.



Spanish CinemaLatin American CinemaFemale DirectorDocumentaryFeminismSexSocial Issues


Laura Herrero Garvin

(Toledo, 1985) She studied a Master in Creation Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University. As La Sandía Digital co-founder in Mexico, she has directed over 20 short documentary films. She has worked as director and cinematographer during the last 10 years. Her feature-length debut El remolino premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, was selected in more than seventy festivals and awarded for Best Documentary in several festivals such as DocumentaMadrid. Her latest documentary La Mami premiered at IDFA feature-length competition.

Filmography: La Mami (2019), ¿Me vas a gritar? (curt, 2018), Borrando la frontera (curt, 2018), El remolino (2016), Instant précis (curt, 2013), Acuario (curt, 2013), Mouvement (curt, 2011), Nora el sabor de su boca (curt, 2012), Mirando al cielo (curt, 2011)

Laura Herrero Garvin

Film information

Director: Laura Herrero Garvin
Script: Laura Herrero Garvin
Contact: Dogwoof Sales
Country: Spain, Mexico
Year: 2019
Format: DCP
Length: 79 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2020


Best International Documentary in Tempo Documentary Film Fest


La Mami