La quietud en la tormenta (Gelditasuna ekaitzean)

Alberto Gastesi

Un impulso colectivo Spain 97 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Lara returns from Paris with her partner, Telmo, to settle in San Sebastián. Daniel has never left the city; today he lives with his girlfriend, Vera, and works for his mother’s real estate agency. Lara and Daniel’s lives cross while visiting a flat for sale; but this may not be the first time they have met. Halfway between the past and the present, Gelditasuna ekaitzean (Stillness in the Storm) explores the love story of two people whose lives, in other circumstances, in other times, could have taken other paths.

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Alberto Gastesi

Filmmaker with an extensive career, he shot his first film at the age of thirteen and shortly after entered the film program “Detrás de la cámara”. His subsequent works were selected in festivals such as Cinema Jove, among others. After making his feature debut with Stillness in the Storm, he is preparing a new science fiction film.

Filmography: Stillness in the Storm (2022, D'A 2023), Las vacaciones (short film, 2020), Cactus (short film, 2018), Alejandra (short film, 2015), Mapa del tiempo olvidado (short film, 2014), Ekaitza (short film, 2012), Istmo (short film, 2011), Trampantojo (short film, 2000)

Alberto Gastesi

Film information

Int. title: Stillness in the Storm
Original Title: Gelditasuna ekaitzean
Director: Alberto Gastesi
Script: Alex Merino, Alberto Gastesi
Contact: Vidiana Films
With: Loreto Mauleón, Iñigo Gastesi, Aitor Beltrán, Vera Milán
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 97 min
Language: Spanish, Basque
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2023


La quietud en la tormenta (Gelditasuna ekaitzean)