Albertina Carri

Argentina 115 min. min Catalan premiere


At the very end of the world, three women meet by chance, starting a life-changing polyamorous journey. A journey along the routes and through time that turns into pure joy, rivers of pleasure and fun. They slowly unwind as they explore irreversible passion and the utopia of monogamous love, far from possession and pain, as the inevitable end to a love that fits no canon. Through her notes, Violeta tells us about the adventures of the Daughters of Fire: a group of women in the search of their own erotica.


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Albertina Carri

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1973) Albertina Carri is one of the personalities that helped consolidate the New Argentinean Cinema concept. She stands out for her versatility and constant research spanning several genres. Director, producer and scriptwriter,  along her career she has directed several short films, TV films and five feature films. She has received awards LesGaiCineMad, Havana and BAFICI festival.

Filmography: Las hijas del fuego (2018), Cuatreros (2016), Pets (curt, 2012), Los rubios (2003), Barbie también puede estar triste (curt, 2002), Aurora (2001), Historias de Argentina en vivo (2001), No quiero volver a casa (2000).

Albertina Carri

Film information

Original Title: The Daughters of Fire
Director: Albertina Carri
Script: Albertina Carri
Contact: M-Appeal
With: Carolina Alamino Barthaburu, Mijal Katzowicz, Rocío Zuviría, Wanda Rzonscinsky, María Eugenia, Marcet Ivanna, Colona Olsen, Mar Morales, Erica Rivas, Cristina Banegas
Country: Argentina
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 115 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2019


Best Argentinian Film at BAFICI | Jury Award for Best Direction at LesGaiCineMad