Las largas sombras

Clara Roquet

Especials Spain 54 min World premiere Fiction


After making her directorial debut with Libertad and co-writing Creatura, Clara Roquet premieres a series: a thriller about guilt and the weight of the past in which the lives of a group of women are altered by the appearance of the mortal remains of an ancient high school classmate. The sum of Roquet’s talents and a stellar cast, with Elena Anaya, Belén Cuesta, Irene Escolar and Marta Etura, promises intense emotions.

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Clara Roquet

She is one of the most prominent emerging directors and screenwriters in Catalan and Spanish cinema. After directing two short films, awarded at Seminci or the Gaudí Awards and premiered at festivals such as Toronto, she debuted with the feature film Libertad, which was part of the Cannes Critics’ Week and won two Goyas, among many other awards. As a screenwriter, her collaborations with filmmakers such as Carlos Marques-Marcet, Jaime Rosales or Elena Martín stand out.

Filmography: Las largas sombras (tv series, 2024, D'A 2024), Libertad (2021), Les bones nenes (short film, 2016), El adiós (short film, 2015)

Clara Roquet

Film information

Int. title: Las largas sombras
Director: Clara Roquet
Script: Clara Roquet, Miguel Sáez Carral, Adrià P. Xancó, Lucía Carballal, Estíbaliz Burgaleta
Contact: Disney
With: Elena Anaya, Belén Cuesta, Irene Escolar, Marta Etura, Itziar Atienza, Ana Rayo, Lorena López
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Length: 54 min
Language: Spanish