Alejandra Márquez

Mexico 94 min. min Catalan premiere


Mexico city, 1982. The economic crisis is at its peak. Sofia lives in the upbeat neighborhood of Las Lomas, her life has been flawless until now that she faces the frightening possibility of losing her life style. Sofia will do all she can to keep the appearances with nothing but her fantasies to hold on to. The fall, however, will be imminent.


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Alejandra Márquez

(Mexico, 1982) She studied filmmaking at Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya in Barcelona. Her short 5 recuerdos was exhibited in over 140 festivals around the world. Semana santa (2015), her first feature, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and visited festivals such as SXSW and Karlovy Vary. Las niñas bien is her second feature.

Filmography: Las niñas bien (2018), Semana Santa (2015), Mal de tierra (2012), Perra (curt, 2012), 5 recuerdos (curt, 2009)

Alejandra Márquez

Film information

Original Title: The Good Girls
Director: Alejandra Márquez
Script: Alejandra Márquez
Contact: Luxbox
With: Ilse Salas, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Paulina Gaitán, Johanna Murillo, Flavio Medina.
Country: Mexico
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 94 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2019


Golden Biznaga for the Best Ibero-American Film, Best Screenplay and Best Editor in Málaga | Audience Award in Macao | Best Actress in Havana