L’homme d’argile

Anaïs Tellenne

Talents France 94 min Spanish premiere Fiction


Raphaël, a one-eyed man, is the caretaker of a mansion where no one lives anymore. Soon to turn 60, he lives with his mother in a small house located at the entrance to the grounds of the stately manor. Between mole hunting, bagpipe practice and the occasional ride in the postwoman’s Kangoo van, the days resemble one another. But one stormy night Garance, the estate’s heiress, comes back to the family’s abode and now nothing will ever be the same again.

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Anaïs Tellenne

She is a director and screenwriter, trained as a dancer and actress. She has directed three short films, produced by France 2 and Arte. She developed the script for her first feature film at the Le Groupe Ouest writing residency. During 2024, Tellenne is in the US developing her second feature, Les Indépendants, a biopic about the impressionist painter Mary Cassatt.

Filmography: The Dreamer (2023, D'A 2024), Modern Jazz (short film, 2018), Le Mal bleu (short film, 2018), 19 juin (short film, 2018)

Anaïs Tellenne

Film information

Int. title: The Dreamer
Director: Anaïs Tellenne
Script: Anaïs Tellenne
Contact: Be For Films
With: Raphaël Thiéry, Emmanuelle Devos, Mireille Pitot, Marie-Christine Orry
Country: France
Year: 2023
Format: DCP
Length: 94 min
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Catalan


Audience Award of Flash Forward Selection


L’homme d’argile