Johnnie To

Hong Kong 107 min Fiction


What do a bank teller, a small-time thug and a police inspector have in common? Nothing. Not until a bag of stolen money worth $5m crosses their paths and forces them to make soul searching decisions about right and wrong and everything in between on the morality scale. Life Without Principle, a suspenseful drama that takes a hard look at Hong Kong’s money obsessed culture through three characters whose destinies will cross over one fateful day.


Johnnie To

Johnnie To was born in Hong Kong. He has directed and produced over fifty films. Popular in his native Hong Kong, To has also found acclaim overseas. Intensely prolific, To has made films in a variety of genres, though in the West he is best known for his action and crime movies, which have earned him critical respect and a cult following.

Filmography: Romancing in Thin Air (2012), Life Without Principle (2011), Vengeance (2009), Sparrow (2008), Mad Detective (2007), Eye in the Sky (2007), Exiled (2006), Election 2 (2006), Election (2005), Breaking News (2004), Fulltime Killer (2001), The Mission (1999), Running out of Time (1999).

Johnnie To

Film information

Original Title: Dyut meng gam
Director: Johnnie To
Script: Ka-kit Cheung, Nai-Hoi Yau, Tin-Shing Yip
Contact: Media Asia Distribution
With: Ching Wan Lau, Richie Ren, Denise Ho, Myolie Wu, Terence Yin
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2011
Format: Digital
Length: 107 min
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Spanish/English
Edition: 2012