Lluís de Sola

Spain 85 min. min World Premiere


It was 1994 and I was 13 years old. Her name was María and she was clerk in my video store. We knew little or nothing about each other. One day I went to return some tapes I found her doing something strange and I got scared. I left running. Next day I passed by but she was gone. I didn’t know anything else about María until, years later, I knew that she had disappeared, just the same year I had last seen her. “The Magnetic Fields” tries to reconstruct the routines and swings of this girl, doing so out of memories, speculations and half-truths. It’s an intimate, unstable film, full of holes and dead times. And it’s built from fragments, ideas and motifs that unfold slowly towards a drift.

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Presented by the director and the actress


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Lluís De Sola

(Barcelona, 1981) He studied History of Art at the UAB. He trained professionally in the framework of the DO project of XTVL, producing programs and new formats for television. He is a filmmaker, camera operator and editor. Specialized in alternative filming and development techniques and processes, he develops his personal work in the field of experimental cinema.

Filmography: Los Campos Magnéticos (2018), Un encanteri (2014), El pas del riu (2013)

Lluís De Sola

Film information

Original Title: The Magnetic Fields
Director: Lluís de Sola
Script: Lluís de Sola
Contact: A De Cinema
With: María García Vera
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: Digital
Length: 85 min. min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2019