Los ladrillos

Tito Montero

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 20 min Catalan premiere


During his first trip to the United States, Tito Montero follows the footsteps of the writer Eduardo Galeano through the streets of Chicago in search of Haymarket, the place that symbolizes the global struggle of workers for their labor rights. The words of the filmmaker and the work history of his family are intertwined with those of the Uruguayan writer and those of other literary references to compose a personal and collective journey through space and time.


30/04/2021 – 20:00H – ZUMZEIG
08/05/2021 – 20:00H – AUDITORI CCCB
This short film is part of the session Un Impulso Colectivo Curts: Living memory.


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Tito Montero

He is a filmmaker, writer and journalist. He directed the first web series for Asturian public television (TPA), Regreso a la aldea perdida, produced by Ramón Lluís Bande. He has directed several shorts, such as Un fantasma recorre […], selected in Gijón, Málaga or Alcances, and the feature film El pasado presente. In addition, he has published two books of narrative fiction.

Filmography: Los ladrillos (curt, 2020), Un fantasma recorre [...] (curt, 2019), El pasado presente (2018), Interrail / Mahnmal (curt, 2018), La ciudad y los premios (curt, 2017), El esplendor (curt, 2016), Fracciones y proporcionalidad (curt, 2012)

Tito Montero

Film information

Original Title: The Bricks
Director: Tito Montero
Script: Tito Montero
Contact: Tito Montero
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 20 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2021


Los ladrillos