A film that compiles the personal archive that Antonio García Zarandieta (1936) recorded between 1971 and 2018 in Los Pilares. In this plot he constructs, he turns 50, builds a swimming pool and the different stages of his life with his family occur with him recording compulsively.

Catalan premiere
Presented by the directors
Eligible for: Premi del públic Premi Open ECAM Premi Movistar+ D'A

Javier Cástor, Claudia Negro, Lucía Toucedo, Raúl Vallejo

Javier Cástor, Claudia Negro, Lucía Toucedo, Raúl Vallejo

Raúl, Lucía, Javier and Claudia first met when they joined the ECAM. The four of them chose the documentary film specialty, where they received courses with filmmakers such as Sergio Oksman, Carlos Muguiro, Andrés Duque and Santiago Fillol. Together they created The Pillars, their first film, based on archive material.


Los pilares (2018)


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