Martín Boulocq

Bolivia 72 min Fiction


Toño sets off on a long journey back to his hometown in the south of Bolivia. Many years have passed since he was kicked out of his home where things have now changed with his family. Mario, his adopted father, suffers from a crippling decease and cannot speak. Ana, with whom he shared his childhood and was his first love, is now a single mother a 9 year old boy. With silent characters, recurring dreams, long walks through the countryside, childhood friends with almost nothing in common, Los viejos is a film about absence and loneliness, banishment and abrupt separations, and, above all, it is a story about the attempt to reconcile with the past.


Martín Boulocq

Born in 1980, it took Boulocq two years to write the screenplay for his second feature film, based on a tale written by himself and Rodrigo Hasbún. In his own words: “To produce a film is for a country as important as for afamily is to have a picture album.”

Filmography: Los viejos (2011), Rojo Amarillo Verde (segment "Rojo") (2009), Lo más bonito y mis mejores años (2005)

Martín Boulocq

Film information

Original Title: The Parents
Director: Martín Boulocq
Script: Martín Boulocq, Rodrigo Hasbún
Contact: Figa Films
With: Andrea Camponovo, Fabricio Camponovo, Roberto Guilhon, Julio Iglesias
Country: Bolivia
Year: 2011
Format: Digital
Length: 72 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2012