Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver

Spain 8 min Fiction


Kōichi, a young Japanese, moves to Los Angeles chasing his dream of becoming an actor.


Catalan CinemaComing-of-ageShort FilmLGTBISocial Issues


Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver

Orió Peñalver teaches photography in EMAV and Eric Monteagudo is video editor and creative in the VOD platform Filmin. In 2010, Orió and Eric founded Audiovisualbox to produce their own projects. Some of their short films have been seen at the Málaga Film Festival (Ghostly), Cannes (Washakie y el chico de las manos mojadas) and on TV shows on La2 and Neox (Manual de amor).

Filmography: Lost in LA (curt, 2019), La torre de Babel (curt, 2017), Washakie y el chico de las manos mojadas (curt, 2015), Ghostly (curt, 2013), Manual de amor (curt, 2012)

Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver

Film information

Director: Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver
Script: Eric Monteagudo
Contact: Audiovisualbox
With: Andy Fukutome, Rina Ota, Aniez Atlas
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Format: Digital
Length: 8 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2020