Love Life

Kôji Fukada

Direccions Japan, France 123 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Taeko lives happily with her husband Jiro and their son Keita, but an unexpected accident radically changes their lives. After the sudden return of Park, Keita’s biological father, Taeko will begin to consider a new life goal, even if it means breaking with everything she had built until then. Love Life is an emotional story that shows us that, although life is full of beginnings with endings and bittersweet moments, love and memories transcend and remain forever.

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Kôji Fukada

He studied Literature at Taisho University and simultaneously studied at the Tokyo Film School. Later, he joined the Seinendan theater company, directed by the prestigious playwright Oriza Hirata. His films have gone through the main festivals, and he has received awards such as the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize in Cannes for Harmonium or the appointment as Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.

Filmography: Love Life (2022, D'A 2023), The Real Thing (2020), The Yalta Conference Online (mid-length film, 2020), A Girl Missing (2019), The Man From the Sea (2018), East of Jefferson (short film, 2018), Birds (Working Title) (short film, 2017), Harmonium (2016, D'A 2017), Sayonara (2015), Au revoir l’été (2013), Inabe (mid-length film, 2013), Hospitalité (2010), Human Comedy in Tokyo (2008), La grenadière (mid-length film, 2006), Home Sweet Home (2004), Alice in Caprices (2004), The Chair (2002)

Kôji Fukada

Film information

Director: Kôji Fukada
Script: Kôji Fukada
Contact: Filmax
With: Win Morisaki, Fumino Kimura, Tomorô Taguchi
Country: Japan, France
Year: 2022
Format: DCP
Length: 123 min
Language: Japanese, Korean, Sign Language
Edition: 2023


Love Life